Bubble | Pure Air: An aseptic space for aesthetic medicine treatments


On June 27, 2015, a workshop of aesthetic micro-pigmentation, paramedics and oncology was held at the Doctor’s Official College of Barcelona. It was lead by the president of the association AMEPO (Association of the Aesthetic Micro-pigmentation, Paramedic and Oncology) and addressed to the professionals of the aesthetic sector for this field of application.

When both knowledge and patient’s safety are important, Bubble | Pure Air offers the safety of an aseptic environment. During the workshop, this allowed to make the presentation of a clinic case and, at the same time, show the details of the procedure of micro-pigmentation post mastectomy to create a 3D areola.

Bubble | Pure Air characteristics, both architectural and technological, allow patient care in a safe environment similar to that in an operating theater. That is due to the treatment of the air within the bubble, which has been classified as ISO 6, according to the corresponding European Standard for controlled environments. Thus, it makes it an ideal portable operating theater for places where it is not possible to have a conventional surgery room or where a safe environment for the patient is needed.


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