Bubble Special Oympics

Young people with intellectual disabilities from the Special Olympics Foundation trains in pure air thanks to Rafa Nadal Foundation.

From the Rafa Nadal Foundation explain the importance of breathe pure air : “Those who practice outdoor sports activities are one of the population groups particularly affected by this problem. Aware of the important benefits of breathe pure air, from Rafa Nadal Foundation we delivered a while ago four of the so-called “Pure Air Bubbles” to Special Olympics Spain, with the aim that the beneficiaries of “More Than Tennis” project could enjoy the health benefits they provide.”[1]

Within the pure air bubble by Zonair3D, the air that athlete breathe is free of particulate contaminants and bacteriological and allergenic agents, which prevents its accumulation in the respiratory system and promotes the recovery process, decreasing the chances of developing, among other diseases, athlete asthma.

We spoke with the General Manager of Special Olympics Foundation in Spain, Enric Blesa, to know how pure air benefits the athletes of the Foundation.
The philosophy of the Foundation is the integration of the person with intellectual disability through sport, “We use sport as a strategy to positively affect the quality of life of special athletes,” said Enric.

Under the slogan ‘More than Tennis’, Special Olympics together with Rafa Nadal Foundation, conducted a project to promote sport, especially tennis, between youth with intellectual disabilities. This provides sports training and athletic competition in order to develop their physical skills, confidence, their desire to improve and enhance their quality of life.

As Enric says, “Thanks to the benefits that brings to the athletes the feact of breathe pure air inside the bubble, they improve their respiratory capacity, strengthening their physical performance and helps them to recover after their workouts. Tranquility, comfort and relaxation are some of the concepts used by children when asked about these “magic bubbles”.

The user protocol of the Bubble by the athletes of Special Olympics consists in “sessions lasting 10-15 minutes in the Bubbl, focusing on the development of activities of relaxation after physical activity and physiotherapy treatments” confirms Enric.

Undoubtedly, a great job done by the two foundations, to whom we wish the best for their great athletes .


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