“BUBBLE | PURE AIR is the perfect place for effective treatments and relaxation”, Boutique Spa Lostao.


Located in a privileged part of Zaragoza, Boutique Spa Lostao (opened in 1968) is something more than a beauty institute. It is a comprehensive well-being consultancy centre that is based on the experience offered by its creator, Isabel Lostao, and her daughter, Ana, which they have acquired over more than forty years in the aesthetics business. These two women are renowned beauty consultants who, besides offering the most revolutionary treatments in the market, are firmly committed to incentivising the direct sale of cosmetic products with a particular focus on “niche cosmetics”. They have become the only centre in Zaragoza province to distribute the most select and innovative brands from around the world. Isabel has been offering her most exclusive treatments inside a pure air bubble for 2 years now. The founder of Boutique Spa Lostao says “we wanted to offer a unique place for relaxation. (…) It could be said that the bubble is a fountain of youth, a treatment unto itself. It enhances the keys to natural anti-aging by providing the best conditions for the application of the best active ingredients. It is the perfect place for effective treatments and relaxation”. Discover Estética Lostao for yourself: www.esteticalostao.com

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