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The Barcelona Supercomuting Center has developed CALIOPE, a new app for smartphones and tablets that allows to know the levels of air quality in Spain.

The new system for measuring the air quality, developed by the BSC -CNS together with the Ministry of Environment and thanks to MareNostrum supercomputer, has been created to meet the air quality and its forecast within 24 hours in all Spanish territory.

The application uses the GPS of your mobile device to set the location of the user and display the air quality forecast at the nearest stations through five categories: good, acceptable, poor, poor and very poor. Furthermore, CALIOPE reports the data of the concentration of major pollutants (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate air) dissolved in the atmosphere.

The director of the Earth Sciences Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, José María Baldasano, explains the launch of the application considering that ‘we believe that there is a growing interest in determining the quality of air in our towns and cities and we wanted to provide access of this information to the main public’.

Data is obtained in real time from various observatories scattered throughout the Spanish geography and, based on the data provided by the meteorological models, the inventory of the chemical emissions or factors such as advection of Saharan dust, estimates are calculated to 24 hours view.

The application is now available for Android and Apple systems.


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