Through a model based on specialised consultancy services in various sectors, Zonair3d provides the consumer with a customised consultancy service offered by major benchmark professionals in each sector.

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    Romika Medical Consultancy Services

    Committed to preventing and treating the harmful effects caused to our health by environmental pollution. Romika Medical, run by Dr. Eduard Serrat, advises and oversees the various medical healthcare applications of the Pure Air technology developed by Zonair3D.

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    Animal Pure Air Veterinary Consultancy Services

    Animal Pure Air offers a new concept in health and physical recover for animals through the use of the pure air technology developed by Zonair3d.

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    DIVINTEC Humanitarian Aid Consultancy Services

    Divintec, a company focused on investing in new technologies and specialised in public authorities and NGOs, is responsible for studying and adapting the pure air technology to the needs and strict requirements of the humanitarian aid sector.

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    Conchita Martínez Sport Consultancy Services

    Conchita Martínez, a professional tennis player and director of Conchita Martínez Sport Consultancy, guarantees the uses of pure air technology in the field of sport and researches the benefits to be gained from pure air in each specialised field of sport.