Bubble - DMSA

September 22, 2017

All studies conclude that the most effective way of combating urban pollution, which is particularly worrying in large cities, is to reduce motor vehicle traffic.

September 22 was declared the World Car Free Day (DMSA). This is a day that encourages not using motor vehicles for the benefit of the environment.

The city of Barcelona joined this event with a Car Free Day in Barcelona. ZONAIR3D was also there with a BUBBLE | Pure Air, an air bubble with a purity of 99,995% in particles  (including all those from road traffic) and with a reduction of toxic gases to comfort levels.

BUBBLE | Pure Air was placed in Vía Laietana – one of the busiest roads in the city of Barcelona. Standing between non-polluting motorcycles, BUBBLE | Pure Air honored this initiative and offered the city and the environment a breath of its purity.

Passersby could enjoy a few minutes of rest inside BUBBLE | Pure Air. In this way, they had the possibility to get all the benefits that pure air brings to our health. These benefits embrace both the physical aspect of our body and our mental level. In addition, the pure air of ZONAIR3D helps us tackle this race of obstacles which we have to run in the city day after day because of pollution.


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