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As mentioned earlier in the blog, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a progressive disease that causes difficulty breathing. It is characterized by a persistent blockage of airflow and is an underdiagnosed and potentially fatal disease that modifies normal breathing.[1]

COPD is strongly linked to environmental and behavioral exposures that occur during adulthood, being one of the common causes exposure to tobacco. But recently, according to publications in The Lancer Respiratory Medicine, it’s being considered a new way of research that focuses all his attention to the idea that the factors and developmental processes that occur in childhood may predispose certain people to suffer this disease. [2]

Thus, recent prospective study demonstrated that lung function at birth is associated with childhood and adulthood, and that children with asthma and asthma-like symptoms have deficits of early lung function. Therefore, this could pose a risk of COPD in adult life.


After this new opened way of research, there is a need for preventive strategies during the initial stages of life, thus optimizing the long-term lung health.

The benefits of using an atmosphere free of particulates and gaseous pollutants as adjunctive therapy in pathologies related to the environment, are becoming the therapeutic future, particularly for children.

Therefore, ZONAIR3D has developed a technology that ensures the provision of pure air free of polluted particles and toxic, carcinogenic and irritant gases inside and ideal space for children: BUBBLE KIDS. The bubble, available in different sizes and fully customizable, it becomes a perfect place for children to enjoy playing in an atmosphere of pure air up to 99.995%.

Bubble Kids

[2] Reference article: Guerra S, Stern DA, Morgan WJ. Does COPD begin in childhood?. Lancer Respir Med 2013; 1(4): 282-4. (Commentary)


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