Does pure air have any contraindications or side effects?

It causes no adverse reactions or secondary effects and improves the quality of life of whoever uses it. Pure air is totally harmless.

Is it counter-productive to breathe pure air and then go back outside into a situation of environmental pollution?

The effects of atmospheric pollution accumulate in the body. This means that the less we are exposed to them, the lesser their effects will be on us. Breathing pure air for as long as we can not only makes us less vulnerable but also protects us against developing possible diseases and/or pathologies linked to continuous exposure to environmental pollution, both in ourselves and in future generations.

Can essential oils be introduced into the motor (Airbox)?

NO. Opening or otherwise altering the product or any of its components will result in the guarantee automatically becoming void.


Is pure air oxygen?

Not entirely. Pure air is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other components.

How much space is needed to install the BUBBLE | PURE AIR?

Approx. 3.50 x 3 metres (base 3.20 x 2.20 metres, plus the space needed for the Airbox) and a max. height of 2.70 metres for a Bubble that is 2.50 metres in height.

How often do the filters need to be changed? How should they be maintained?

Change the pre-filter every six months. Change the filter every two years
* Contact the ZONAIR3D Technical Service provided by your vendor.

How long can the motor be left running?

As long as you like. The Airbox consumes 206w at full power.

Is BUBBLE | PURE AIR an oxygen bubble?

It is NOT an oxygen bubble. It is a space containing pure air that is 99.995% particulate-free and does not modify the original air composition (approximately 21% oxygen, 78%.

Is BUBBLE | PURE AIR an oxygen bubble?

It is NOT an oxygen bubble. It is a space containing pure air that is 99.995% particulate-free and does not modify the original air composition (approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and other gases).

What is the difference between the BUBBLE | PURE AIR and a hyberbaric chamber?

Hyberbaric chambers (or diving chambers) increase the natural concentration of oxygen present in the air. The pure air bubble does not alter the composition of the air but rather enables pure air to be breathed at optimum composition levels.

How long should I spend inside the BUBBLE | PURE AIR? Can I sleep inside the bubble?

Yes, the longer you spend inside, the greater the benefits.

Should I unplug the Airbox when not in use?

We recommend unplugging the Airbox when not in use so as to fully disconnect it from any power source and thus protect against any possible electrical fault caused by external factors.

Where should BUBBLE | PURE AIR take its air from?

We recommend using air from a properly ventilated room or outside air to ensure the best possible air quality (CO2).

What is BUBBLE | PURE AIR for? Is it medically proven?

Yes, the BUBBLE is scientifically and medically proven. On the website at www.zonair3d.com, you will find all the latest studies and information on the most recent advancements and new applications for this pure air technology.

Does it alleviate or cure asthma?

It alleviates and regenerates the respiratory pathways and mucous membranes with an anti-inflammatory effect. Regular use of the bubble improves the well-being of people suffering from respiratory disorders and ailments.

What is the maximum and minimum outdoor temperature in which it can be used?

We recommend positioning the BUBBLE in an atmosphere at a comfortable temperature (in spaces between 18-25º), avoiding direct sunlight as heat will accumulate within the interior. If used outside, the minimum temperature supported by the material is -30ºC.

Can I smoke inside, use candles, etc.?

You should NOT smoke inside the bubble, nor use candles or other flammable objects within the interior.

What is the maximum number of people allowed inside?

Scientific trials show that occupation by up to four people inside the 2x3m BUBBLE does not alter the maximum quality of the interior air.

How long will it last and what guarantee is provided?

The motor comes with a two-year guarantee. When used properly, the BUBBLE should last forever.

What can the BUBBLE | PURE AIR be used for?

It is currently being used in the field of medicine, as well as in sport, wellness, cosmetics, veterinary care, NGOs, etc. The BUBBLE can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Can the initial odour of a new transparent BUBBLE be reduced or eliminated somehow?

We recommend having it inflated or unfolded for as long as possible before use in order for the ‘new’ smell to dissipate (the transparent material used is phthalate-free - for medical use - but does have an odour to begin with).

Is the BUBBLE | PURE AIR recyclable?

Yes; every component of the BUBBLE can be recycled. To dispose of your bubble responsibly, contact the ZONAIR3D Technical Service provided by your vendor.