Zonair3d - Oryx Qatar

Zonair3d together with Oryx Qatar Sports Investments, presented for the first time in Qatar PURE AIR CONTROL, an innovative air purification system which reduces particles by 99,95% and gas concentration to comfort levels.

Thanks to ORYX QATAR SPORTS INVESTMENTS, the most important worldwide private company specialized in the sports and leisure, air purification systems are a reality in Qatar.

On December 15th both companies presented pure air technology for the first time in the Gulf Area in an event held at Four Seasons Hotel Doha, where some personalities such as the Spanish Ambassador Carmen de la Peña and the well-known football selector Bora Milutinovic attended.

Oryx Qatar Sports Investments has become the exclusive distributor of BUBBLE and PURE AIR CONTROL in Qatar and the Gulf countries as well as the other territories forming the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

Xavier Trillo, CEO & Founder of Zonair3d explained all the pollution problems we all suffer as one of the most serious problems that affect our cities and therefore the people who live in them is the issue of air pollution. Particulate matter and ozone are today the two most important pollutants, posing serious health risks to citizens, affecting quality of life and reducing life expectancy. As Mr.Trillo mentioned, ‘according to the World Health Organization (WHO), fine particle pollution might be a greater health concern tan previously estimated. PM can trigger atherosclerosis, adverse birth outcomes, and childhood respiratory diseases’.

After years of research and development, ZONAIR3D has created the line of products PURE AIR to give response to the environmental contamination caused by continuous and increasing deterioration in the quality of the air we breathe indoor and outdoor and, as a consequence, the side effects it has on health.

Later on, Rodrigo Véliz, Global Account Manager for Pure Air Control, presented both technologies: Bubble Pure Air and Pure Air Control wich were well received and attracted the interest of the audience.


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