The tennis player has started his preparation for the next Davis Cup preliminary round with a physiotherapy treatment in a pure air bubble that helps him to recover and get better oxigenation, besides having and important effect on the jet lag.

The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal beat, on Monday, the serbian Noval Djokovic, number one in the ATP rankings , to win and get the U.S. Open 2013 . The Spaniard needed three hours and 21 minutes to beat his opponent , and getting this way the thirteenth Grand Slam of his career and his eleventh title in this 2013 .

As usual, the Spanish achieve professionaly his routine, and with only a few hours of resting after his return from New York , made ​​his first training in Caja Mágica, where he began to prepare for the Davis Cup match against Ukraine next weekend.

The routine of a champion with such level of physical effort needs an optimal recovery which, as mentioned the doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, chief medical officer of the Royal Spanish Federation to the daily newspaper Marca, is based on a ‘Good breakfast with carbohydrates and a treatment in the pure air bubble that helps to recover and oxygenate better, and also has an important effect on the jet- lag symptoms’. ‘Then he has made general physiotherapy, knee physiotherapy to release tension, and then has slept until lunchtime ‘ added the doctor.


When making long flights with schedule changes, we are exposed to the effects produced by the lack of oxygen, among we can found jet lag, headaches, insomnia and fatigue among others. In studies done with BUBBLE | PURE AIR, it was found that using the pure air bubble could reduce these effects since it acts as compensation room of the anaerobic debt.

Since 2010, the Spanish Davis Cup Team has in their Medical Services a pure air bubble for physiotherapy and recovery processes. As Dr. Cotorro said, requirements such as Davis Cup competition demand to recoup the concentration time with the team. Therefore, during preparation week and the three competition days, the pure air bubble allows Medical Services perform the different treatments that players require and to have a pure air space which is itself an added value.

Pure air, in the process of physical recovery after the exercise training, promotes regeneration both respiratory and mental recovery by improving cerebral oxygenation, also facilitating physical and mental relaxation and is also indicated for the prevention athlete’s asthma.


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