Bubble Pure Air Sanitas

Sanitas, in collaboration with the expert consultant in pure air technology Romika Medical has incorporated a pure air bubble at its center Iradier Millenium Medical Center.

On Monday January 27 it was held the official presentation of pure air technology to Sanitas Group. Under the theme ‘Environmental Pathology’, Romika Medical in collaboration with Zonair3d, developed a conference in La Masia de Clinica CIMA where was discussed the new therapeutic approach that pure air technology opens by using environments free from particulate matter and gaseous pollutants.

During the conference was exposed the environmental problems in which we are submerged due to pollution. Not just in terms of outdoor air, but the indoor air where pollutant levels are highest due to the high concentration of harmful particles coming from many different sources.

As Dr. Josep Morera, Director of the Pulmonology Department of the CIMA Sanitas Hospital and Romika Medical member, said “In the future, the use of technologies that provide “pure air” will be as normal as it is nowadays drinking water. For the pulmonologists it benefits us in the prevention and treatment of asthma, COPD, rhinitis, and deficit of alpha-1 – antitrypsin among others.”

Dr. Antoni Fernández Solà, Coordinator of Chronic Fatigue Unit in CIMA Barcelona and member of Romika Medical also commented “The wide range of symptoms experienced by patients with multiple chemical sensitivity is a problem today as it lacks of treatment. Therefore, we have studied the response of these patients once exposed during several sessions to purified air in BUBBLE | PURE AIR. Among other, it was found an excellent improvement of the symptomatology, along with a welfare feeling very hopeful for these patients.”

Attending doctors learned firsthand the medical studies carried out by Romika Medical and the encouraging results that demonstrate how the healing, therapeutic and curative properties of pure air can be extended to a host of medical specialties.


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