Sanitas , in collaboration with the Medical Center of Real Madrid Sports City, has introduced a new sports protocol checkup with pure air that gets a ‘premium’ recognition of the athlete health.

Among other tests, all elite athlete is subjected to exhaustive medical examinations to assess their overall health , certify their optimal physical condition and especially to rule out any kind of incompatibility with the practice of sport and to prevent possible health problems, especially cardiovascular ones .

As Forbes magazine published, due to the generalization of the sport and the growing number of sports fans, Sanitas has designed an advanced protocol of sports medicine with pure air coordinated by a specialist in Physical Medicine and Sports Education belonging to Sanitas Medical Services – Real Madrid, with whom it is possible to optimally assess the overall health of the athlete.

This premium recognition starts with the execution of medical history and a blood and urine test. Secondly it will be practised an echocardiogram to get a morphological and functional study of the heart, followed by an electrocardiogram, spirometry, and a very exhaustive stress test. Fourthly, the athlete is subjected to a nutritional assessment and a biomechanical study of gait and plantar footprint.
Finally to recover from the effort, he will end the session with a physiotherapy massage within Bubble | Pure Air, a bubble where you can breathe 99,995% pure air free from contaminating particles, bacteriological and allergenic agents. Pure air benefits both regeneration of the airways after exercise practice as well as mental recovery by improving cerebral oxygenation. Thus, facilitates physical and mental relaxation. Since many elite athletes, gyms, physiotherapy centers and sports clinics that have pure air technology for training (indoor environments) and physical recovery processes.

In short, an exhaustive examination with a 4 hours length where the athlete will know if he has any contraindication for sport, his level of training and his improvement margin.


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