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Healthy environments that foster learning in children by protecting them from gaseous and particulate pollutants. The drastic reduction in ultrafine particles achieved with Zonair3d systems protects correct pulmonary and cognitive development in children, as well as reducing the risk of disease and respiratory problems, and helping them stay awake and attentive.



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Zonair3d creates stable environments that reduce the deterioration of works of art to a minimum and enhance their enjoyment by visitors.

In those cases where action is needed, the Capsule N2 by Zonair3d offers a temporary space for treatment that is highly suited to large pieces that suffer the effects of insects and time.



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The silence to be found in libraries enhances the enjoyment of these wonderful places. But books, people and materials produce particulate and volatile components that pollute the air inside these buildings. This can lead to discomfort or even allergic reactions. Zonair3d converts any library into a genuine health spa for readers, while also reducing the deposit of dust on books and shelves and reducing any allergic reaction to a minimum. Zonair3d contributes to healthy reading.



PureAirbox500Pure Air Control

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