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When health is what matters most, protecting patients is fundamental. Zonair3d purifies the air in waiting rooms, clinics and everywhere else prevention is needed as well as a cure.



The most vulnerable are often the first victims of environmental pollution. And the most subtle factors, such as the air itself, become the most essential to life. Zonair3d looks after this element of such vital importance, maintaining its purity and making it available during the most difficult of times.


One of the problems with waiting rooms at medical clinics, hospitals and medical care centres is an overexposure to pathogens while waiting to see a doctor. Zonair3d offers the possibility to clean waiting rooms and convert this waiting time into a more pleasant and healthy experience.


The health of a patient is the most important thing for the doctor attending them. Zonair3d helps transform a medical visit into a treatment unto itself by avoiding airborne contagion and providing patients or whoever else is in the clinic with a dose of health by simply breathing.



PureAirbox500Pure Air Control

With ISO 6 clean room certification, Bubble | Pure Air by Zonair3d provides a sterile environment in record time for performing surgeries in emergency situations.



Surgery Bubble

Zonair3d provides the right environment for an ISO 6 clean room. 99.995% free of particulate and with significantly reduced gaseous pollutants, it offers the ability to purify the air in your environment or create a mobile clean room thanks to Pure Air Control and Bubble Pure Air.



Bubble Pure Air Air Control

Treatments for health or alleviating symptoms and diseases, the pure air from Zonair3d has been described as therapeutic. Hence, medical professionals, therapists and people with joint problems, respiratory problems, allergies, environmental sensitivity, etc. trust in Pure Air by Zonair3d.



Recovery from an injury involves physical and mental effort from the patient. The stress tests performed in Bubble | Pure Air show that the pure air from Zonair3d helps improve metabolism and therefore leads to a faster recovery. Elite athletes confirm this with their own personal experiences.


Pure Air offers absolute environmental control for cases with respiratory problems or allergies. By isolating them from pollution and enabling them to detox themselves for a time, not only can they alleviate the symptoms of their disorder but they can prepare themselves for the next environmental exposure. It is therefore used in all sorts of treatments, having demonstrated itself to be highly useful in cases of multiple chemical sensitivity.



PureAirbox500Pure Air ControlBubble Pure Air

Micropigmentation, laser, walk-in surgery and treatments with sensitive products that require safe environments. Zonair3d offers the peace of mind that stems from a clean environment free from particulate and bacteria without the need to undertake expensive refurbishments.



PureAirbox500Pure Air ControlBubble Pure Air

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