Pure air has endless applications thanks to the health benefits it provides and the improved quality of life it brings to those who breathe it.

The solutions offered by Zonair3d are the safest and most reliable in the market, and are based on processes, technologies and products of proven effectiveness by the competent authorities.

Choose the field you are interested in and discover how Pure Air by Zonair3d can help you.

We spend most of our time in enclosed spaces, where we sleep, eat, work and enjoy time with our family. However, these spaces are usually two to five times more polluted than outdoor areas due to the accumulation of toxins resulting from inadequate ventilation and the sources of pollution that exist in our homes (furniture, cleaning products, pets, heat sources, etc.).

At Zonair3D, we look out for you and your family. That’s why we have developed a wide range of products that guarantee an atmosphere free from pollution and toxic substances, a healthy and safe atmosphere; because there is nothing more valuable than the health of those you love most.


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Stand out by giving your business significant and unique added value. Create pure air spaces with Zonair3d.

Increase the natural satisfaction of your customers and employees to maximise results.

Convert your business into a place of health and wellbeing that is free from gaseous and particulate pollutants thanks to the benefits of pure air from Zonair3d.


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When a sterile environment is an essential requirement, air becomes the most important factor to deal with. Hence, Zonair3d cleans the air by offering 99.995% purity in terms of particulate pollutants to minimise the risk of infection and bacteriological processes. Furthermore, its system to combat gaseous pollutants alleviates allergic reactions to volatile components and helps people with respiratory problems and hypersensitivity by providing them with a clean and safe space thanks to the technology utilised and the quality of the materials.


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Spending one-third of your time in an enclosed space without proper ventilation and polluted air can lead to short- and long-term health problems. However, recent scientific studies have also shown that polluted air has consequences on physical and cognitive development in children.

Given that indoor spaces can have two to five times more pollution than outdoor spaces, maintaining good air quality at education centres must be a priority. Hence, Zonair3d offers custom solutions in this field that are designed to protect the health and future of our children.


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Breathing is essential during physical exercise because we inhale more air than usual, it being the most fundamental element we need for our activity. We should therefore ensure its quality and keep the air we breathe as clean as possible.

Studies carried out with athletes inside the Bubble Pure Air from Zonair3d show a reduction in lactic acid and glycaemia during physical exercise. This leads to increased performance and faster recovery during and after physical exercise. Furthermore, the pure air from Zonair3d becomes a secondary treatment in physical and sports rehabilitation for all users, and offers a healthier and safer environment in which to perform exercise.

Join the elite athletes who have already discovered the benefits of pure air and enjoy impressive results every day.


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Pure air has an endless list of applications in our daily life; not only for human health but also for that of animals, plants and crops, as well as the technology that makes our live easier.

Zonair3d offers the solutions you need in these areas and many more. If you cannot find what you need here, just get in touch with us.


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