So Pure In The City

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On the 23th of March 2018, the second edition of Le Printemps de l’Optimisme (The Spring of Optimism) took place in the very heart of Paris.

The aim of this event is to celebrate the arrival of spring and develop positive energies both on a personal and professional level.

The concept “SO PURE IN THE CITY” also participated in this edition. It put together a new presentation entitled When nature inspires technology. During the event, visitors were able to discover some of the products of the Zonair3d™ brand. Specifically, they were invited to enjoy the benefits of pure air in two of the Bubbles | Pure Air™ -a transparent one and a white one-, which purify the air creating an environment free from contaminants and isolated from the city’s pollution; and a Pure Airbox Home™, a mobile device that purifies the air in the office, at school and at home.Captura de pantalla 2018-04-06 a las 17.51.19


Visitors were also able to enjoy an initiatory experience offered by 25 “anti-pollution” plants, which help to reduce and control contamination levels in interior spaces, presented in the form of a beautiful floral arch.

The space allowed visitors to relax and breathe pure air inside the Bubble | Pure Air ™ enjoying the benefits it provides, both physically and mentally, and disconnect for a few minutes from their daily routine. It also offered the possibility to find out the different ways of cleaning air in our homes through Pure Airbox Home ™ and the 25 species of plants, which were presented.

With the arrival of spring, every visitor was invited to a break, filled with relaxation and wellbeing, in the heart of this ever active and lively city.





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