Zonair3d has recently become part of two entities within health innovation sector and indoor environmental quality respectively.

FENIN was founded in 1977 as Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies with the aim of bringing together companies and associations of manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices and technologies whose common characteristic is to be suppliers of all Spanish health institutions.

Currently FENIN is engaged on the research and technological development of the companies composing the federation, since the products and services provided by member companies help both improve the quality of life of patients and prolong cares.

Therefore, Zonair3D with its medical consultancy Romika Medical and its flagship product Bubble | Pure Air becomes part of FENIN, bringing a new air purification system that improves symptomatology of patients with respiratory problems and allergies, as well as helps with the treatment of chronic diseases such as multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Aware and involved on improving the quality of the air we breathe, Zonair3D also currently belongs to FEDECAI, Spanish Federation of Enterprises Indoor Environmental Quality, an association that promotes awareness of society to the huge problems of indoor air pollution.

Due to the complexity of the buildings, they increasingly require more sophisticated installations, maintenance and control programs to maintain health and comfort standards for users. The old system of opening the windows in order to ventilate it no longer works, because the outdoor air does not always guarantee thermal and health conditions to ensure optimal indoor air.

Currently FEDECAI, in collaboration with ACECAI and based on the agreement signed with AENOR, taught the first course for the Implementation and Certification of Technical Inspections Indoor Environmental Quality of Buildings. This course allows for the supporting knowledge to certify the quality of indoor air in all kinds of venues, facilities and buildings, except those that are intended exclusively for industrial and / or agricultural.


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