Zonair3D consolidates its Chilean market introduction by the hand of Patio Real Estate Group Management, the renowned architect Luis Alonso, Youtopia Group to introduce the technology of pure air in upscale gyms and the collaboration with the company Ingeclean – Disal Group thanks to which was exhibiting at the mining fair Exponor last June with the Spanish multinational Soler & Palau.

The launch of pure air technology ZONAIR3D, PURE AIR CONTROL, in a country where air pollution levels (especially PM 2.5) are one of the most high in the world, has lead to suppose a significant progress that big companies have wanted to join.

Patio Enrique Foster Building in Santiago, Chile, its been the first office building with pure air in the world, an impressive class A+ office complex located in the upmarket district of El Golf which has a total floor area of ​​20,600 m2, distributed on 19 floors with 672m2 to 700m2 free plants, 6 undergrounds, 5 for parking and 47 wineries.

The renowned architect Alonso Balaguer, founder of Alonso & Balaguer and Arquitectos Asociados with Patio Real Estate Management, will have PURE AIR TECHNOLOGY in their next architectural projects that will take place in the Chilean geography among which are important to point out the building Patio Apoquindo (14.000m2) and a new project in the street Alonso de Córdoba with Coihue corner (10.000m2) in Santiago de Chile.

ZONAIR3D in Chile

Additionally, with the real estate developer PATIO company and the installer Ingeclean – Disal Group, ZONAIR3D held a major expansion of purified air technology throughout the country in order to incorporate pure air indoors, allowing them to expell purified air outdoors and turning them a lung for one of the cities with higher levels of pollution in the world.


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