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Recently the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology ( SEAIC ) has confirmed that this spring is expected to be with “high risk “ conditions for allergic patients, with grass pollen concentrations of 5,600 grains per cubic meter of air, very similar to those registered on last year.

Among the most common allergic conditions its important to point out the allergic rhinitis with more than 20% of the population affected, especially children with a prevalence of over 40 % and often associated with a large number of comorbidities that affect the quality of life and general health of children.

A recent multidisciplinary study carried out in Spain[1], evidence that 76,5% patients with this disease present an associated rhinitis disease, being the most common conjunctivitis, asthma and atopic dermatitis. Therefore, this close relationship between rhinitis and other clinical manifestations, require a new evaluation of the treatments administered and optimize therapeutic possibiliies to treat and even prevent associated diseases.


As a treatment, the doctors recommend prevention and allergen avoidance. During the highest peaks of allergenic pollens, it is highly recommended to stay indoors with a good filtration system particles.

For this reason, Zonair3D has developed Bubble | Pure Air, and its Pure Air range (Pure Air Control and Pure Airbox ) as a preventive solution and a secondary therapy in pathologies related to the environment.

As Dr. Anna Cisteró, Chief of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine of USP and Member of the Spanish Society of Allergy and Immunology and the European Academy of Allergy mentioned, in a prospective study[3] in patients with asthma and rhinitis using BUBBLE | PURE AIRresults among adult patients have shown changes to quality of life, an improvement in spirometric results and a reduction in the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide when comparing pre- and post-session measurements.

[1] Analysis of comorbidities and therapeutic approach for allergic rinitis in a pediatric population in Spain. Ibañez MD, Valero Al, Montoro J, Jauregui I, Ferrer M, Dávila I, Bartra J. Del Cuvillo A, Mullol J, Sastre J. Pediatric Allergy and Inmunology 2013


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