The quality of the air breathed in most cities of the world has worsened in recent years, according to recently news by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a fact that air quality affects us wherever we are, so much so, that even during the summer while much of the population travels we should worry about the air we breathe.

Like the weather, pollution changes daily, so in this occasion Zonair3D presents some mobile applications that allow us to know and forecast, the quality of the air we’ll breathe during our stay in foreign countries.

The great Asian giant

Air Quality China is an application usable for more than 140 Chinese cities, which provides data from over 30 monitoring stations distributed throughout the country, including the American Embassy. With an intuitive interface, Air Quality China easily indicates the significance of PM2.5 and PM10 measurements obtained, defining them from a ‘good’ to ‘hazardous’ condition. It also allows the user to have a widget on the home screen that shows the color-coded current air quality index number.

China Air Quality App is undoubtedly the most famous and complete of all applications developed for China. Currently the application polls more than 120 Chinese cities and the monitoring data is obtained from both the American Embassy and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection. Unlike the rest, China Air Quality in addition to measuring PM2.5 and PM10 also provides real time information of the levels of SO2 and NO2 and shows a general map of the continent which gives a great overview of recent pollution levels across any part of China.

United States

Developed by the American Lung Association, The State of the Air app lets you know what our lungs are collecting anywhere in the United States. In this case, it only features the level of ozone and PM. The curiosity is that it allows you to send messages to lawmakers to show that you care about air pollution and its impact on your health.


London, one of the European capitals with higher pollution levels, offers all its citizens London Air, an application developed by the King’s College of London that displays the latest air pollution levels detected by more than 100 monitoring stations around London. It supports iOS (Apple) and Android systems.

As for Spain, it is noteworthy CALIOPE as the new system for measuring air quality, developed by the BSC-CNS together with the Ministry of Environment and created to know 24 hours forecast of air quality through the Spanish territory. The application uses the GPS on your mobile device and shows the prediction of air quality in the closest stations across five categories: good, acceptable, deficient, poor and very poor.


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