Under the slogan ‘You Can Control Your Asthma’, it takes place the celebration of World Asthma Day. The event, organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) [1]is celebrated in various parts of the world and is held annually in order to motivate people to promote self-care and reduce exposure to factors of risk.

WHO currently estimates that there are 235 million patients with asthma[2], a disease present in all countries that is often not properly diagnosed nor properly treated. Experts say that the custom track in the consulting room, know the treatment to be used at all times and maintain adherence taking medications as prescribed are the “keys” to know how to manage a disease such as asthma.


Childhood asthma is a disorder that involves episodes of attacks interspersed with asymptomatic periods. It is characterized by the inflammation of the airways (bronchi) and as a response it produces an increase of the bronchial sensitivity and causes obstruction.

International multicenter studies claim that asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood, affecting a spectrum of this band which is estimated at 5-10%.

The treatment of childhood asthma, is based on three pillars: prevention, drug treatment and education, both for the child and the family members. For prevention experts recommend, among other measures, to avoid exposure to allergens or reduce exposure with environmental control measures through adjunctive therapies such as the use of pure air.

Dr. Anna Cisteró, Chief of Allergy and Pulmonology, Dexeus University Institute, Barcelona, ​​recommends the use of pure air through BUBBLE | PURE AIR technology for asthmatic patients. Having conducted studies have shown that performing sessions in a space where you can breathe 99.995 % clean air free of contaminating particles and allergens, improve spirometric results and, definitely, denotes an improvement in the patients quality of life.

Furthermore, Zonair3D has recently created an exclusive pure air bubble for children where child can enjoy a space to breathe clean air while they have fun playing with their friends.



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