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Climate change, one of the biggest environmental problems in which we are immersed, is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) and especially CO2. Considerable evidence show that most of the global warming is caused by human activity, as virtually all our activities involve energy consumption , resulting in contributing to emissions .

In this context, the carbon footprint is presented as an available tool for companies to assess the full impact that they have on the climate in reference to GHG emissions. Thus, the companies have enough information to propose measures to reduce and / or compensate their GHG emissions and also reduce its contribution to global climate change.

Which kind of emissions carbon footprint counts?

The measurement includes two types of carbon footprint: the corporate and the product one. The corporate carbon footprint measures the GHG emissions of all activities undertaken by an organization. The product carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gases emitted during the life cycle of a product or service.
Besides the calculation includes gases most characteristic of each process; the most common are: CO2 , CH4 , N2O , HFCs , PFCs and SF6.

Usefullness of the carbon footprint for the company

The carbon footprint allows to identify GHG emissions of each link in the production chain, and thus can prioritize opportunities to reduce emissions and to focus efforts on the point with higher reduction potential .

On the other hand, the carbon footprint helps contribute to the external communication strategy of the company, to publicize the environmental performance of the entity. Per se, is an awareness tool that has the courage to disclose to consumers the environmental costs of a product or service. With the evolution of this indicator it could be shown the actions carried out in the fight against climate change.

How ZONAIR3D pure air technology contributes in reducing the carbon footprint?

Zonair3D features Pure Air Control technology, an innovative air purification system that helps to eliminate the carbon footprint by allowing pure air inside buildings and exhaust purified air to the outside, making these buildings in a lung for cities and towns.

Through pure air technology Pure Air Control, the polluted air that surrounds us is purified by three filtration phases that entail the obtaining of an air free of damaging gases such as: CO2, NO, SO, SO2, formaldehyde, tropospheric ozone (O3 ) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). In addition, this technology also filters PM (particulate matter ) up to 0.3 microns obtaining a 99.95% efficient air.


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