After the publication of the monograph ‘Every Breath We Take’ mentioned earlier in this blog, the European Environment Agency has recently released the video ‘Every breath we take, Air quality in Europe’, a wonderful summary of the problem of polluted air we breathe, and how it affects us with serious implications in our health.

The European Environment Agency is an organization of the European Union that focuses its work in promoting sustainable development and helping to achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe’s environment by providing solid and reliable information to policy makers and society in general. It currently has 32 members, of which 27 are EU member states and the rest is composed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

The EEA is formally cooperating in various projects in more than 60 countries of continental Europe, the Arctic, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, etc. Today, the issues and topics covered by the EEA involve all aspects of environmental and climate policy, including policies related to the green economy, transport, energy, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and urban development, in addition to increasing the impact of the complexity, uncertainty and technological innovations in the development and implementation of policies.


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