Pure Airbox

ZONAIR3D, leading company in the development of air purification systems, introduces its new portable and domestic system Pure Airbox.

Recently, ZONAIR3D has introduced its new product Pure Airbox, an air recirculation equipment adapted to be used in domestic areas that filters and purifies polluted air, turning it into an air with optimal conditions, free from polluted particles, ozone and with reduction of toxic, irritant and carcinogenic gases at comfort levels.

Its filtering system has three stages: pre-filter for large particles, an absolute filter for eliminating the smallest particles and the exclusive filter GRSystem by Zonair3d, through which the gases are reduced by an active carbon filter developed by Zonair3D R&D team.

Pure Airbox, designed by Zonair3D skilled engineers, has a swirl diffuser that allows a good distribution of the air and has a practical size that don’t exceeds 52 cm high by 73cm wide and 55cm deep. Also, the equipment moves 500 m3 per hour, so it is recommended make a 4 recirculation / hour (15min) flush out, ie, the air is fully cleaned every 10 minutes.

Undoubtedly, the best solution of domestic air purification thanks to its low power consumption for its EC motors and its high effectiveness in domestic areas or rooms in private homes.


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