Sanitas Medical Center installs BUBBLE | PURE AIR, purified air technology for patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Sanitas offers patients suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) the BUBBLE | PURE AIR technology by Zonair3D. This new space with purified air is initially available in the Milenium Iradier Sanitas Medical Center, and its been already explored the possibility to be installed in other Sanitas Medical centers Sanitas.

In a society where products made by some kind of chemical process are indispensable for citizens, patients with chronic MCS syndrome suffer a variety of symptoms such as hives, headaches, shortness of breath, etc. when exposed to various products, even when the chemical dosages they contain are very low.

With BUBBLE | PURE AIR technology by Zonair3d, which is already at full operation since its installation in July at the Milenium Iradier Medical Center, patients undergo a radical change in their lives. The Bubble | Pure Air system is an innovative approach based on a mobile bubble shaped space where you can breathe 99.995% pure air in continuous regeneration, free from contaminating particles and bacteriological and allergenic agents- with gas pollutant reduction to comfort levels. Among the benefits experienced by the patients its been found: respiratory recovery, reduced pain and increased mental focus. It has also been detected in patients more interest to go to forgotten environments, like going to the mountains for a walk, to the theater, and many other activities that are impossible for people affected by SQM. Is detected, therefore, not only a physical but also psychological improvement, which is reflected in an improvement in their self-esteem.

Recently it has been found that pure air technology represents a new therapeutic approach for environment-related diseases. According to research conducted by Dr. Antoni Fernandez Solà, Medical and Scientific Director of the Special Unit for MCS patients in Milenium Iradier Medical Center and member of Romika Medical, “the use of particulate and gaseous pollutants free environments as adjunctive therapy in people with chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple chemical sensitivity provides large improvements in their symptomatology. It also causes a well-being feeling very hopeful for them.”

Patients show a significant improvement in their clinical symptoms after exposure to weekly treatment sessions within the Bubble and, after a cumulatively exposure the positive factors of pure air in an area without bacteriological or allergenic agents, has shown considerable improvement in their clinical symptomatology.

Bubble Pure Air is an air purification system endorsed by the Environmental Laboratory Center of the UPC and the Spanish Ministry of Defense that was presented in 2006 and now it already has ISO 6 certification.



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