SON DE MAR born with strong Mediterranean inspiration and as a concern for the natural environment, exclusively offering a complete holistic experience that will delight all lovers of beauty care.

After more than 70 years of history and three generations dedicated to this business, Albert Catalan opened a new salon in the heart of Eixample: SON DE MAR, a hair salon where guests can enjoy innovative hair treatments made ​​with sea water ​​and breathe ‘pure air’ thanks to an innovative air purification system for interior spaces.

This novel concept created by Albert Catalan emerges from two natural elements with more properties to maintain an optimal level of health and wellness: Seawater and ‘Pure air’.

The Seawater from Ibiza and Formentera is characterized by its great natural wealth and high content of minerals and trace elements, properties that the body needs for the cells to work properly. Also, the air we breathe is often found in deteriorating conditions being pollution one of the major problems plaguing cities and therefore people living in them.

Therefore SON DE MAR will have one of the most advanced air purification systems on the market: Pure Airbox, a portable equipment developed by Zonair3D that allows to purify the air from the salon transforming it into a high quality air, free of contaminating particles and toxic gases at comfort levels. So the customer in addition to enjoy hair care made ​​by marine waters with high alkaline pH, will enjoy a unique space while breathing 99,95% pure air.

The new salon SON DE MAR by Albert Catalan thus becomes the first hair and beauty salon with a clear commitment towards natural innovation in health and beauty treatments. A salon committed to the natural environment, environmentally aware and concerned about giving an exclusive service to a customer that is more aware of the importance of personal care.


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