The regulation of the temperature, as well as the quality of indoor air are vital elements for the comfort and productivity of the human being in commercial, business and academic buildings. However, the requirements ensuring an optimal efficiency of the building resources require high levels of energy consumption.

This is why, work is currently under way to build controlled ventilation systems to minimize energy loss without affecting the quality of indoor air. In general, energy consumption in ventilation system is due to two factors: loss in energy when expelling indoor air and the energy consumed by the machinery responsible for the airflow.

EC Motors: the efficient alternative

Engineers, architects, and scientists are working around the world to reduce our dependence to air-conditioning systems with high energy consumption, with the introduction of new technologies.

It is the case for the use of EC motors, a external rotor motor with electronic confutation, brushes and controlled by a microprocessor, which in comparison with traditional motors running on alternating current systems, works independently form the tension or the power supply frequency, bringing a more efficient operational capacity saving up to a 70% of energy.

This is why, ZONAIR3D, always up to speed on the latest technologies, has equipped most of its purification systems with EC motors. Appart from the savings in energy, EC motors are known for their low noise level, helping our customers reach optimal comfort levels.

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