Arcana Juventa Anti-Aging Spa, is a five thousand square feet facility located in Brooklyn, New York, and has been using the Bubble Pure Air for almost a year. Today, Flora Shapovalov, owner of the Spa, tells us her experience with Bubble Pure Air.

The Spa gives custom tailored treatments to their clients so that every one gets a unique experience in this very exclusive and relaxing atmosphere. Bubble Pure Air, this unique space free of particles, bacteria, and gaseous harmful pollutants, is available for customers during or after the specific treatments they receive. The Gold Facial is a favorite, but also after medical procedures such as Platelets Rich Plasma, Micro Needling and threads, clients relax inside Bubble Pure Air to minimize any side effects, maximize all positive results and calm down their body and mind. A headache is gone after half an hour inside the Bubble, claims one of Arcana Juventa’s clients.

The pure air inside the Bubble Pure Air has proven positive effects on our health and wellbeing. It cares for the client but also for the therapist, it protects their skin and feeds their lungs and mind, giving them the breath and beauty of life in their purest form.

After Arcana Juventa Spa’s success, Flora’s next challenge is going on Anti-Aging and Beauty shows all over the USA. The Bubble will be travelling with her to offer the best of Arcana Juventa’s treatments in a mobile oasis of high purity and exceptional wellbeing.


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