Recently, thanks to Dr. Enric Aulí, Secretary-General of the Environment department of the Generalitat de Cataluña, has participated in a sustainable building class, where the company’s purification system were presented as an answer to counter the issues created by the environmental pollution in closed spaces.

The presentation took place in Escuela Politécnica Superior de Edificación de Barcelona, where the Master in Building Engineering is taught, offering students with an advanced educational program on building techniques, sustainability as well as product and process quality.

Zonair3D’s Global Account Manager for the Pure Air products, along with Dr. Enric Aulí delivered a presentation on the current issues related to environmental contamination in closed spaces, and how Zonair3d’s purification system are a sustainable solution in the construction sector.

Nowadays, Zonair3D can count on  two product lines: Bubble | Pure Air, a portable space with 99,995% pure air in continual re-generation, and the Pure Air line, composed by the Pure Air Control and Pure Airbox. Our Global General Manager presented the innovative portable air purifier for closed spaces, Pure Airbox, certified by the Laboratorio del Centro de Medioambiente de la UPC. The Pure Airbox has become an efficient solution for closed spaces air purification thanks to its portability, it low power consumption and his large capacity offering exceptional results in spaces going up to 80m2.

Eventually, Zonair3d’s team at the begining of the conference measured on the spot the presence of PM 2.5 contaminants and the results obtained were 45μ/m3, which its more than the standard fixed by the WHO. In case the equipment had been switched on during the presentation, the levels of PM 2.5 had been reduced up to 5μ/m3.

Thereby and following Dr. Enric Aulí motto, we agree that ‘the research in sustainability is generating a change in our society’s activities. Health-criteria must be taken into account in those changes, to lead and review the concept of sustainability“.


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