Based on its pure air bubble technology, ZONAIR3D IS NOW LAUNCHING PURE AIR CONTROL – the first ventilation system that has been scientifically proven to guarantee the provision of 99.95% pure air in all kinds of buildings. PURE AIR CONTROL is a response to concerns over modern day environmental pollution caused by the steady and increasing deterioration of quality in the air we breathe.

The presentation took place at Omnia Health Solutions, a medical centre that specialises in sports medicine and the first place in the world to be fitted with this revolutionary pure air ventilation system.

Xavier Trillo (CEO of ZONAIR3D), Javier Roca (Technical Director of the Environment Centre Laboratory), Javier Cerrato (Medical Director of Omnia Health Solutions) and Toni Salame (Manager of Siber Zone) were responsible for presenting the PURE AIR CONTROL system.

  • In 2008, in association with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ZONAIR3D created BUBBLE | PURE AIR a bubble in which 99.995% pure air can be breathed. It is free from viruses, bacteria, contaminating particles and allergens.
  • In 2012, ZONAIR3D is now launching the pure air technology applied to the construction sector. PURE AIR CONTROL is the first scientifically proven ventilation system that guarantees the provision of 99.95% pure air.

It is a ventilation system that guarantees the provision of 99.95% pure air for use in all types of new-builds or existing buildings and homes without altering the natural composition of the air nor generating by-products that are harmful to human health or the environment.


  • Contaminating particulate filtration of 99.95% effectiveness
  • Reduction of gas concentrations (VOC) to comfortable levels
  • Elimination of environmental ozone
  • Control of CO2
  • IDA indoor air quality according to RITE 2007 regulations


  • Development and certification according to the LCMA-AQC Protocol designed by the Laboratorio del Centro de Medio Ambiente [Environment Centre Laboratory] of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Exceeds the minimum demands required for compliance with the Technical Building Code CTE HS3 and the ‘RITE 2007’ Regulations on Thermal
  • Installations in Buildings.


  • EC-approved motors according to ErP (compulsory regulations from 2015)


  • Choice between individual or centralised systems

See the images of the presentation:

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